Who are we?

We Handyman.talentworkforce.in are a part of Siddhrans Infotech Pvt. Ltd who come up with a new strategy of offering jobs to people who want to become Handyman at the same time serve people who have emergency situation at their home or office by providing them with the experienced Handyman.

What matters to us?

We always focus on solutions to the problems which may not be solved by people due to the issues with skill, understanding of the problem or unavailable equipment. We're on our way to offer our best Handyman services to all customers in need of emergency situations and make our customers’ lives much easier than before.

What do we do?

We at Handyman.talentworkforce.in offer our handyman services for various situations that might grow up as a greater problem if not fixed in time. Our services include all fixes like plumbing, painting, electrical and electronic repairs, cleaning of surface, construction works etc. We are here to serve you and are using the latest technology to handle all the issues as fast as  the same arises. 

How do we do it?

We at Handyman.talentworkforce.in first employ the people who’re skilled in various subjects to solve a handy problem. As soon as the request from the customer arrives for the problem, our person/team with skill and equipment come into action to solve the problem. In this manner, our workers, people using our services and ourselves are always benefited in either ways.