Handyman are the professionals who come in handy when it comes to repairs, maintenance, remodelling, cleaning, and other home improvement tasks that are too tedious or expensive for most home-owners to handle.

The most common Handyman services are: Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, and many more like security guard, etc.

The handyman skills include household repairs and fixing up things like painting, new service installation, maintenance of installed services, carpentry, gardening and plantation and all other works with involvement of tools and equipment

One can use the services of handyman by following the below steps: Visit the site Handyman and register/login to the account Find the service that you’re looking for? Book slot for

12th standard pass certificate or a basic diploma is what you need to become a Handyman.

Actually not, But if you want to impress potential clients, it’s better to have a business license. So that, if next time there is any emergency they may directly call you.

If there is a service like repairs related to electric, electronic, carpenting, plumbing, renovating etc. are the things for which may cause an inconvenience for the people living at home. These things need to be fixed as quickly as possible or else